This is so sick

The native indians lifes, way of look of the world and the nature with pure humbleness was and will always be superior to the white conquerers that narrowed and destroyed the indian way of life, the indian humbleness, to take what neaded, not to kill for fun.

The superior white, you killed the essential of life. Winchester guns, Colts, Piecemakers against bows and arrows.

A victory? For whom, the white man? No, a tragedi for mankind, white, red, yellow or marsian green.

Just look around you and reflect, what values of life do we now have that not the native indian then had in a superior form.

Absolutely none!

The modern life of the white man is a brutal rape of mother Earth, in less of a decay whe’re stealing all the resources future generations would have needed, our heretage to our children and grand children is a polluted world with lack of metals and other needed stuff. The garbage areas of today will be the mines of tomorrow. The future generations will have to live of our left overs, dive in our trash to survive. A beautiful heretage, isn’t?

Let’s go back to my child hood, I loved the nature, walking alone in the forest. Could sit for hours in smell of nature just listening to the wind in the trees. Do I have to tell you I always walked bare footed, anxious, watching my steps to not kill even an ant. Fishing for to feed me and my family, no put and take, not for only fun.

You’ve heard of reinkarnation, haven’t you. My roots is a naive tribe, no daubt what so ever. I would not hesetate for one second if I would be able to return to my roots. Leave the modern world and go back to nature, the way life is supposed to be. Not eating the food of my childrens and grand childrens and leave them to starve. No way!!!


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