I had a technical weird as a friend long time ago. He asked me, why are you running Windows? A Mac is both smarter  and an viruse free enviroment.

I listened, remembered his words, but a Mac is almost three times the cost of a Windows computer.

I waited, continued with blue screens, error signales and boring and time stealing almost always occurring updates, software, security updates, viruse program updates, security holes, you name it.

And though I did all that, frequent computer crashes, reinstalling of Windows. In new times of cloud storing no loss of data though.

But a couple of days were lost, reinstall Windows and a huge amont of updates that all requires restarts 2023 times and upon that installing all non Windows software, installing, finding keys (in the cloud), time I could have used better. Blood, sweat and tears 😦

But the day came, had never forgot my friends words. I was watching the net for Mac. The time wasn’t right, my economy wasn’t right, but I ordered a MacBook Air.

A little anxiety waiting, but a beautiful feeling of unboxing, so thin, a piece of art.

Changing from Windows to the Mac world was a walk in the park, there are youtube movies: Learn your Mac in 60 minutes.

My greatest problem was to find @, it was needed to create an Apple account. I finally found it under, shift + 2. Google told me to install an advanced keybord and when I did @ was again lost but found under Alt grey + 2 (there’s it supposed to be).

If you start with installing the advanced key board and whatches the Learn your Mac in 60 minutes you’re on the run in an hour.

You don’t have to run the preinstalled applications like Pages (Words), numbers (Excel). For an example Libre Office uses the open doc format.

But to the fine part, if you buy and install Parallels desktop or similar software you’re able to run both Mac and windows on the same mashine. You need av a valid license for Windows 7 or 8.

Parallels Desktop and Windows are not freeware, but with these installed you can run your (old) windows software on the Mac. The only difference that will appear is that your windows software will work faster on a Mac. You’re able to get the best out of two worlds-

There’s freeware that makes what tha paid Parallels Desktop do, but low price forces you to change between two or many operative systems. In Parallels desktop you run both or several like ordinary in different windows.

Oh no, I will never go back to Windows, when I get dollars enough I will buy the most powerful MacBook Pro. The buying of the latest technology lasts, lasts further than Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 ever will


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